World Traditional Karate Organization

TSKUK is directly affiliated to the World Traditional Karate Organization (WTKO) Headquarters, based in New York City, USA.

Executive Chairman WTKO | Sensei John Mullin 9th dan

Chief Instructor & WTKO International Director |  Sensei Richard Amos 8th dan

Technical Director WTKOSensei Steve Ubl 9th dan

General SecretarySensei Scott Middleton 6th dan

This affiliation grants all TSKUK members the following benefits:


Every TSKUK Dan grade is registered with the WTKO Headquarters and is therefore recognised across the world.


TSKUK host all of the senior WTKO instructors on our International Courses, which are held in February and September, along with regular local visits throughout the year.


WTKO host a European Championships and other International Competitions annually, which selected TSKUK members would be eligable to attend.

Training Camps

WTKO host Winter and Summer training camps annually, at varying locations across the world. All TSKUK members are eligable to attend these events.

World Union of Karate-Do Federations

TSKUK is a member of WUKF – World Union of Karate-Do Federations.

The former WUKO was founded in Rome on the 1st May 2005 by the Federations from Romania, Brazil, Portugal, Italy, Belgium and Spain, all these federation excepting FESIK from Italy continue now in WUKF.

In 2013 the WUKF leadership decided to change the location of WUKF to Belgium.
Today WUKF is located in Herstal, Belgium after obtaining the approval of Belgian Ministery of Justice and Belgian Royal House.


Eastern Shotokan Karate Association

The Eastern Shotokan Karate Association (ESKA) is a professional, full time group led by Sensei Jason Hitchings 6th Dan. ESKA run classes 7 days a week across 20 venues throughout Norfolk and Suffolk.

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Westwood Karate Academy

Traditional Shotokan karate training for all ages, 7 days a week in South-East Essex led by Sensei Alan Parrish 7th Dan.

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