Sensei Alan Parrish
| 7th Dan



Sensei Alan Parrish started training Shotokan Karate in 1974 in Hadleigh, Essex and has been teaching professionally since 1994. Sensei Alan is a former multiply Regional and National KUGB Champion and was a member of the ITKF National Squad for over 10 years.

Sensei Alan is the Chief Instructor of Westwood  Karate Academy is the  Co-Founder of TSKUK.


Grading History

1st Dan – 1977 KUGB

2nd Dan – 1979 KUGB

3rd Dan – 1983 KUGB

4th Dan – 1988 KUGB

5th Dan – 2003 UKTKF

6th Dan – 2015 WTKO

7th Dan – 2019 Isaka Sensei