TSKUK Senior Instructor, Sensei Jason Hitchings, flew out to New York on the morning of Thursday 2nd March to begin four days of intense training at the WTKO Winter Camp at the Honbu Dojo in New York City,

We are extremely pleased to announce that Sensei Jason successfully completed his 6th Dan (Rokudan) grading during the camp. The grading took place on Saturday 4th March and was conducted by WTKO Chairman Sensei John Mullin 8th Dan, WTKO Chief Instructor Sensei Richard Amos 7th Dan and WTKO General Secretary Sensei Scott Middleton 6th Dan.

This landmark grading is the cumulative effort of over 30 years of intense training and teaching.

Congratulations Sensei Jason from all the members at TSKUK – We are all very proud of this wonderful achievement.