Coronavirus Update

Due to the ongoing concerns with the Covid-19 Coronavirus and the volume of members, families and friends who attend the course, the TSKUK have decided to cancel the members training course on Sunday 5th April 2020.

We will be running the grading for all those who are due to take their Dan examination but there will not be a training course prior to the grading. The grading will still be held at Clements Hall Leisure Centre.

The grading will be conducted by Sensei Alan Parrish 7th Dan, Sensei Jason Hitchings 6th Dan, Sensei Nathan Bond 5th Dan, Sensei Carol Parrish 4th Dan, Sensei Dan Jones 4th Dan and Sensei Charlie Tarr 4th Dan.


Registration from 12.30pm

Grading 1.00pm – 4.00pm

TSKUK Course Stamp
Due to the cancellation of this course the TSKUK have decided to make an allowance for all Dan Gradings in 2020 and reduce the required TSKUK Attendance stamps to the following levels;

Going for 1st Dan / Shodan 9 stamps required.

Going for 2nd Dan / Nidan 5 stamps required. We will also allow only 2 stamps in the last 10 months for the November 2020 Dan grading.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused with this cancellation but we need to consider the safety for all the TSKUK members and instructors.

Please note that this cancellation will not affect normal training classes.