Who are we?

Traditional Shotokan Karate UK (TSKUK) was co-founded in 2010 by Alan Parrish (6th Dan) and Jason Hitchings (6th Dan) with a mission statement of providing top class instruction in traditional Shotokan Karate-do by working closely with the most inspirational and talented Shotokan Karate Instructors around the world, to enhance the groups within its association.

TSKUK International Course

Sunday 29th & 30th September 2018


Courses and National Championships

TSKUK National & International Courses & Dan Gradings.

The TSKUK international courses are held twice a year in February/September over two days at the University of East Anglia (Norfolk) and Southend Leisure Centre (Essex). All TSKUK members will receive a TSKUK course stamp in their license book for each day attended and also the chance to train under a large selection of guest instructors based worldwide in countries such as UK, USA and Japan, Each international course will also offer a TSKUK / WTKO 3rd Dan + Grading.

Twice a year in April and November we also offer a free national course to all our members followed by a 1st / 2nd Dan grading.

TSKUK National Championships.

The TSKUK offers members the chance to extend their training beyond the dojo and compete against other members in a competitive situation. The National Championships are held annually and rotated between Norwich and Southend.